Keynote Speaker

Raymond Barfield, MD, PhD


Ray Barfield is a pediatric oncologist and palliative care physician at Duke University. He also teaches philosophy at Duke Divinity School. Ray spent four years at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, where his research and practice focused on improving immune therapies for childhood cancer (including bone marrow transplantation and antibody therapy) and understanding the moral aspects of decision-making in medical research involving children. At Duke he has turned much of his effort towards bridging activities in theology and medicine. Ray continues to practice as a pediatric oncologist, and he directs the¬†Pediatric Quality of Life/Palliative Care Program, a program that combines medical care, education and research to benefit children with complex, chronic or potentially life-limiting disease. In the Divinity School he develops courses that address topics at the intersection of theology, medicine and culture. He also teaches courses in Christian philosophy. He is the director of a new initiative called¬†Theology, Medicine and Culture.